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After years of experience in the solid surface industry, the owners of EMS became overwhelmed with the amount of leftover stock taking up needed space and, at the same time, the constant searching for pieces of material that were the perfect size for a job. Needless to say, the cutting charges were becoming a frustration.

EMS is personally interested in the success of its members, as well as the success of this service. There is no doubt that the small fees being charged for this membership are a drop in the bucket compared to the potential savings that can result from just a few transactions. We encourage you to write us with your stories and testimonies of success. We anticipate a lot of happy letters!

While EMS is based in the beautiful state of Florida, it expects members from all 50 states. The solid surface industry is booming – especially in this day of home remodeling as an alternative to selling. Any idea that can save significant amounts of money is a welcome thing for our industry – or for any business. EMS is that idea!

Our goal? To be of great assistance to your business and to get rid of our stockpile!! We are excited about the potential savings that everyone will experience!

Please review some of our frequently asked questions or use the contact form at the bottom of this page:

Frequently Asked Questions

• What happens if the item I sent for arrives damaged?

First of all, be extra careful to examine the material when it arrives. UPS is responsible for damage done during shipment and it will be important for you to inspect and, if necessary, refuse the shipment due to damage.

However, if the item is damaged, or simply not what you had ordered, please let us know by phone or email. Our office will assist you in this process. EMS is committed to making the entire process run as smoothly as possible. This will include enforcing strict membership rules regarding shipment and the quality of materials.

• How does this work?

Emergency Material Services is in business to provide an easy way for you to save money. The materials that you have left over after each job were once worthless to you unless you found a need for them on another job. Why not sell them to someone who really needs them?

By entering your inventory into our website, you join hundreds of solid surface fabricators - all looking for the odd sizes and colors that you may have available. When they see your item and purchase it - all for the same price per square foot - you simply pack the item, sit back and wait for UPS to pick it up, and then simply wait for a check. There is no need to bid, negotiate, or travel.

If you are the buyer, the process could not be simpler. Find the item, purchase it, and wait for it to arrive. Presto! You have saved a lot of money, and you have the perfect size for your next installation. No need to fool around with auctions, classifieds, or a large storage bill!

• What if I cannot find what I am looking for?

The beauty of EMS is that it is a dynamic site - always adding inventory. Put the item you are looking for in your "Wish List" and watch what happens! Remember - EMS is being constantly monitored by an entire country of solid surface fabricators.

• Who sets the material piece price?

EMS sets the price on all materials based upon the latest in wholesale pricing. Holding to a level pricing policy such as this insures that everyone is treated fairly.

• What shipping container would you recommend to minimize breakage?

Remnant shipping must be completely wrapped in cardboard. Polyester blends must be wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard. Full and half sheets must be crated or on a pallet.

• What is the maximum sheet size that can be shipped?

Currently, the maximum size is 50" x 30". However, please keep in mind that sizes larger than this are available through the distributor and the availability of smaller sizes are the purpose of EMS.

• How will I know that the material is available and ready to ship?

You will receive a fax confirmation that you will have to sign off on. Once you sign off on the confirmation you will receive the shipping documents via fax.

Any orders received after 2:00 PM ESTE will be processed the following day.

•What is your refund policy?

If you are shipped wrong material or color, you will be refunded 100% of the material and shipping costs.

If a shipment is damaged beyond repair (broken into several pieces), then you should refuse the shipment at the time of delivery and notify us immediately so your money can be refunded and we can file a claim with the carrier. If you file for damages with the freight carriers, then we will not be able to help secure your reimbursement for shipping.

If the shipment is broken in a way that you are able to repair or use the remainder you should note this on the delivery sheet. (You may file a claim with the shipper at a later date and claim the cost of making the required repair.)

If you refuse a shipment that is not damaged, or cancel an order that has already been shipped, then you will not be reimbursed for the shipping cost and there will be a 10% restocking fee deducted from your refund. You will receive a 90% refund of the item cost and only if it is returned in good condition.

If a shipment arrives with scraped edges or small pieces broken from corners, that is considered a typical result of shipping the large items, and there will not be a refund.

EMS will not be responsible to replace any material that comes in damaged. EMS is not a distributor. We only have access to the material that is listed in the website.





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